Written by Pamela

There is only one way that the enemy can achieve any momentary victory is if we “quit”.  So he works overtime setting up strategies and road blocks to that end.  Holy Spirit has shared with me that there is a lot of that going on presently.  As always, we are not to fear… God has The Answer!

He said this one word to me…… STAND!

Stand in faith, Stand on The Word, Stand and bind the devil, Stand and declare the what God has said, Stand and plead The Blood.  When that is finished; then it is time to Stand and Rejoice!!

Even when we feel surrounded on every side He has a Covenant Banquet Table prepared for us.  What is on that table?  Whatever it is that you need!

You prepare a table before me

    in the presence of my enemies. Psalm 23:5

So today…right now! Take your STAND and eat from the table prepared for you.  Remember. that if you don’t quit, you WIN!

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