Rosh Hashanah

Written by Pamela

Rosh Hashanah (Head Of The Year): The Jewish New Year

On God’s Calendar it is Fall Feast Season.

We are no longer under the Law mandated to “keep” the feasts. However, the principles of them has not changed.  God has ordained seasons and times on His calendar.  His calendar is the one in the Bible. Known as, the Jewish calendar.

We are in the season of the Fall Feasts.  The time of year in which the Books of Heaven are opened over our future and destiny.  This is a time for repentance and reflection.

Even though our calendar does not change till January 1st.  On God’s Calendar we have entered the New (next) Year.  There is no better time for repentance and reflection.  God has designed this season to set us up for the year ahead.

The Holy Spirit is ready to speak to us, if we are ready to listen.  It is time to prepare our hearts, so we hear The Lord’s voice clearly.  This is a season for increase in dreams, visions, and the prophetic.  A time for strategy from heaven regarding our destiny and future.

In October be expecting the Lord to reveal and heal.  God is working for you from the unseen. This is a powerful and wonderful time.  On God’s Calendar it is a season in which the heavens have opened over you and will flow through you. ♥️

Action Step

  • Take time to get alone and quiet with God
  • Take Communion and focus on Him (I do this daily)
  • Find your Scriptures that speak to your heart.  Pour over them at this time.
  • Get your journal out. Write it down and take action where the Lord shows you.

This is a glorious time. Heaven is aligned and The Lord is moving on your behalf!

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