Passover and Covid

Passover is Coming My Friend.

At the original Passover, not only was Israel protected from the plagues of Egypt but they were released into a new beginning.

During the final plague of Egypt, God quarantined all of Israel. They were told to apply the blood of a spotless lamb over their dwelling. Please note  that it was 1 lamb per family not per person.  The angel of death would see the blood and pass over each household.  Israel was protected and delivered from evil  because of the blood of the Lamb. The following day Israel embarked on a new beginning. Leaving with the spoils of Egypt. Israel had been promoted! (Exodus 12)

Jesus himself celebrated Passover before going to the Cross. Acknowledging its  power and deliverance.  Jesus then became our Sinless Passover Lamb!   (Matthew 26:17-30)

On the Hebrew calendar we are entering into Passover season. On our calendar we are entering  (Easter) Resurrection Season.  It is through this duo season of Deliverance and Resurrection, that God wants to do amazing things and promote His Body! Do not let Covid-19 cause you to quit or shrink back. 

During this quarantine time encourage yourself about what is to come.  Take an offensive position in faith and prayer for your household , your neighbors, your state and our Nation. Remember only 1 lamb was needed per household. Jesus became the Lamb who takes away the sin of the world.  You and yours are covered! Eventually, we will step forward into a new beginning . Promotion is at hand. 

I declare and decree over you today…

You and all that have been given to you in this lifetime are protected by the Blood of the Lamb. 

As you are quarantined in your home  Jesus Blood is over the entrance of your household, over your life, and over your future. Just as in times past God in his Mercy will deliver you!

Soon and very soon you will come out of your quarantine and leave this bondage behind.

Just as Israel left with the spoils, you will leave with the spoils of promotion.

                In Jesus Name Amen


Use this time to not only hunker down.. Use it to hunker in close to Him!



Pamela ♥️

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