Let’s Unite!!!

I have been thinking about Passover and how all  Israel was quarantined by God. While in their homes the “Passover Shelter In Place” united them as a Nation. Every year the celebration of Passover brings not only a Nation but many people groups together in unity.

At the original Passover, the people ate a memorial meal together and looked to God to change the landscape of their future.  Of course, God did not disappoint. Israel emerged from quarantine not just united, but reborn . They stepped boldly into their future having all they would need.

Here we are today, in our homes, quarantined with our families.

Bonus… It is Passover season.

I believe God is speaking to us. Asking us…

“Will we let Him unite us and change the landscape of our future?”

When this home quarantine is over we too can emerge as a reborn Nation Under God. Ready to fully embrace our future together.⠀

It is possible that Covid-19 has a silver lining. Uniting and changing the world.  ⠀

God Himself is looking for  people who will pray this silver lining in.  People who will look to God during this quarantine to change the landscape of the future.

Will you join me during this Holy Week of both Passover and Easter. Let’s pray for unity and a rebirth in our Nation and around the world. Let’s also agree for Covid-19 and all the effects of it to be over. Finally, for the day that we as a Nation come out from quarantine and together face our future reborn and united.⠀

⠀It is time for the landscape to change.⠀

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