Busy Season

Written by Pamela

A couple weeks ago while in prayer, I saw a beautiful morning beach scene.  The day had just begun and it was calm.  The ocean was actually almost still.  I even saw coastal dolphins swimming close to shore.

In my spirit The Lord said, “This is the season you and many others are in right now.  Enjoy it, as it won’t always be this way.  It is rest and reward time.  This time will prepare you for what is to come”

“What is to come?” I wondered.

He answered me.. “A giant wave of My Spirit soon will hit these shores.  You and many others like you will need to be rested and ready.  You are about to become very very busy!”

Glory! We are about to embark on “Busy Season”
This makes me think about Florida or Hawaii during “high” or “busy” season.  It is not a quiet scene.  So many people arriving, departing, going here and there. Hustle and bustle.

​What are the workers doing at these places during “busy” season??  They are BUSY working and serving the people.


Rejoice! Busy Season for the Kingdom Of God is about to crash onto our shores! We live in the busiest “resort area” around.  People will be arriving soon from all over.  These people need Jesus, His Love, Healing, Deliverance, Ministry, Miracles and Teaching. Jesus needs His fellow servants ready for the task.

They will be checking in at the Holy Ghost front desk and it is our charge/commission to take care of them.  Each and everyone!

So rest while you can…because Everything is gloriously about to change 🙂 !



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Written by Pamela

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